Task: Prepare and Present a Social Media Marketing Plan

You should imagine that you are working for a small or medium-size company that chooses to develop a social media strategy – it can either be a social media

strategy plan or a social media campaign plan. Assume that you are presenting your plan to the main stakeholders of the company for their approval. A key

element of the assignment is how realistic you are in your proposal.

This is an individual assignment.

At the very least, your plan should include:

• What the company does and it’s market.

• What do you want to achieve with the social media campaign and why.

• The plan of action, the steps you will take, estimated time spans, etc.

• Key messages to transmit (if appropriate).

• Key metrics by which you will measure success or failure.

• An indication of the resources you need to dedicate to it. This does not necessarily have to be financial but could be expressed in terms of person-hours


In general, you can assume variables that are not given – but within the realms of realism! If in doubt, ask your professor for guidance. For example, there is

no specific budget set for this task, therefore you should set your own. If your company is a small, recently created enterprise, it is unrealistic for it to have a

six-figure sum to spend on social media.

The deliverable for this project is a strategic plan document.

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