Online Research Tools Read the overview below and complete the activities that follow. Marketers have access to a wide range of online research tools that can help enable the collection of data related to a specific market research effort. This activity is important because marketing managers must be able to understand how to leverage different types of online research tools in order to efficiently and effectively address the research problem as it has been defined. The goal of this exercise is to demonstrate your understanding of each of the different categories of online research tools that can be used in the context of a specific research context. Online research tools fall into three categories: databases, focus groups, and sampling. Each of these three categories offers unique opportunities to expand the reach and usefulness of market research. Hover over each individual item to read about the specific research problem faced by a given marketing manager, as well as any other relevant considerations provided. Then, drag the item to the online research tool category that would best serve the related marketing manager’s needs.

1. Diana: Diana’s firm would like to know the willingness of their current customer base to recommend the firms services to a friend or college as a means of assessing customer loyalty.

2. Sarah: Sarah’s firm is interested in soliciting in-depth feedback on their new software for stay-at-home parents. John:

3. John’s firm sells a high-end product and is interested in expanding into South America. He would like to know which countries have the greatest proportion of middle-class members

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