Business Plan Report

Table of Contents

{Your Business Name}. 0

1. Executive Summary. 2

2. Company Description.. 2

a. Name of the Company. 2

b. Description of Product and Services. 2

c. Our Logo (Optional). 2

d. SWOT analysis. 2

3. Marketing Plan.. 3

a. Target Market 3

b. Marketing Strategy (4 Ps). 3

i. Product: 3

ii. Price. 3

iii. Place. 3

iv. Promotion.. 3

4. Management Plan.. 4

a. Ownership Information.. 4

i. Names of owner(s): 4

ii. Forms of ownership (Sole proprietorship/Partnership etc.). 4

iii. Staffing. 4

5. Financial Plan.. 5

a. Startup Budget: 5

b. Monthly Operational Cost Plan (OMR): 5

  1. Executive Summary


  1. Company Description
  1. Name of the Company
  1. Description of Product and Services

Product / Service


Targeted Customer

Price (OMR)



  1. Our Logo (Optional)
  1. SWOT analysis
  1. Marketing Plan
  1. Target Market
  2. Marketing Strategy (4 Ps)

This section sets out strategies for reaching target market, arousing their interest in the product or service, and actually delivering the product or service to them in sales.

  • i. Product:
  • ii. Price
  • iii. Place
  • iv. Promotion
  1. Management Plan

Organization and Management follows the Market Analysis. This section should include: your company’s organizational structure, details about the ownership of your company, profiles of your management team, and the qualifications of your board of directors.

  1. Ownership Information
  • i. Names of owner(s):
  • ii. Forms of ownership (Sole proprietorship/Partnership etc.)
  • iii. Staffing

Sr. No.

Name of the Employee





  1. Financial Plan
  1. Startup Budget:

Nature of funds (Own/Loan)

Amount (OMR)

Monthly Operational Cost Plan (OMR):

Variable Cost:

Values (OMR)

Raw material cost/ cost of Goods/Services sold depending on projected sales

Fixed Cost:

  1. Office / Factory/ Shop/Show room Rent
  1. Staff Salaries
  1. Water
  1. Electricity
  1. Telephone and Internet Services
  1. Advertising Expenses
  1. Car service

Total Fixed Cost

Total Operational Cost(Total variable cost + Total Fixed Cost)

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