Part A

Both cost and value can be broken into tangible and intangible factors. Tangible factors can be directly measured; intangible ones arise indirectly and are difficult to measure. For example, a tangible cost is the cost of a computer monitor; an intangible cost is the lost productivity of a poorly trained employee.

Give five important tangible and five important intangible costs of robotic technology. Give five important tangible and five important intangible measures of the value of robotic technology. If it helps to focus your thinking, use the examples we discussed in class. Be as specific as you can. When determining whether robotic technology is worth its cost, how do you think the tangible and intangible factors should be considered?

Part B

It has been suggested that Ethereum has more applications compared to Bitcoin. Discuss your support for Ethereum and the benefits and risks about the Smart Contract.

In your opinion is there a need for both Bitcoin and Ethereum over the Blockchain? Or will one of them make the other redundant? Explain why.

Will these innovations be more impactful to government, businesses and/or families? Explain why.

Part C

Describe the 2 pros and 2 cons from DeFi (i.e., Decentralized Finance) (note: your pros and cons cannot be opposite of each other). From the readings, using your own words, describe two popular DeFi dapps. What businesses are these applications disrupting?

Part D

Given the volume of data surrounding us, data visualization techniques are becoming important for businesses. What visualization techniques do you find useful and why (e.g., histogram, line graphs, scatterplot, bar chart. etc.)?

Part E

Will the 5 components of an information system still be applicable when machine learning and robotic technology becomes omnipresent (i.e., universal)? Why or why not?

Part F

Understanding the value chain helps us to understand how information systems increase productivity. A value chain is a network of value-creating activities (i.e., Primary and Support Activities). Define what are primary and support activities as well as what activities do they include. Also provide some examples.

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