You will introduce a company, a new product (business to consumer), identify your customer segment – you will demonstrate an understating of the ideal customer for your product (which can be a good, service, an idea, and most likely a combination of all three). Identify the needs and wants of the customer that are met by your product. Be creative, use inspirations from existing companies and products. (be sure to give create and use APA to properly cite sources)Product Decisions Assignment (This is the first of four assignments that are components of a marketing plan)
One Pager (1 Page) Overview (the goal is to excite the reader to read your full assignment)Company, product, customer segment (describe your customer – you can create a customer persona) (1 – 2 Pages)Current Market Situation / Competitors (1 – 2 pages)Product Decisions: (2 – 3 pages)In-depth product description (core benefit, size, colors, warranties, customer service, packaging etc.)Describe the firm’s positioning, including positioning map.Differentiation & unique selling proposition of the product.Describe two brand elements (e.g., name, logo) and why you have chosen to create them as you have (e.g., why is your logo circular and green? Etc.)Product Lifecycle status/ issues. Where are you in the lifecycle, and what does that mean for your business? For example, if you are in the introduction stage then what are the special considerations that leads to?What are the key decisions as marketer you need to make regarding your product?Think about what information you make need to make these decisions and where and how you get that information to make better decisions.References (1 page) In APA format – the expectation is that you will use and reference sources from textbook related to the marketing theory plus other external trusted sources that you have used in the preparation of your assignment. MS Word has an excellent reference tool that makes it easy to track references and properly cite references in your assignment paper.I will provide the text book if needed.I need the full assignment done as required please.
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