Case Name: Pl v Def. Issue: Area of law and remedy sought. Reasoning: discuss what the plaintiff has to argue and any possible defenses. State what you think maybe the outcome. Risk Reduction: one suggestion for each of the plaintiff and defendant. Question 1 (15 points) Saved Listen The facts of this case are as follows: Mariah Carey was hired ten years ago to be a vice-president of sales for Vegas Performances Ltd. Despite its name, the company is based in the province of British Columbia and has been very successful. Mariah has been an excellent employee. As part of a corporate reorganization, however, the directors of this non-union company have decided to downgrade Mariah’s position from vice-president to manager. Mariah is very upset with this change and refuses to go along with it. The company dismisses her immediately without any notice or pay in lieu of notice, because of her refusal to accept the changes. 0 be Paragraph. B I U … Case Name: Issue: Reasoning: Risk Reduction:
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