and so at some point you have to trust your gut and go with it, and that goes with whether pink's going to be hot or whether gold's going to be hot and that also goes with, is it the right time to take on this additional burden financially and do I trust that I can raise the money to pay for this or I can sell enough to pay for this and just go for it. Yeah. But entrepreneurship is not for the meek. Either I'm pretty good at the nerves of steel or I'm pretty good at denial because I've only had a few sleepless nights, but those sleepless nights are very difficult where you're just like oh man, wow, let's, how are we going to approach this and fix this or find the solution? We're talking about fashion and I'm the fancy designer, so you know a lot of it is my preference and what I think is going to work. I go out there with something, I take a stake, whether it's an inventory or whether it's in what prints we develop and what I like and then I get feedback, you know, from what sells. And I talk to a group of surfers that wear my stuff here but also wear competitors and say hey, let's sit down, what do you like about this? Show me what you like because I can do my own R and D, I can go out and buy a bunch of stuff and look at it, but it's more important to hear people that are out there surfing. What do you like about this garment? What do you, you know, do you like the way your tush looks in it? Do you like the way it stays on? Does it feel flimsy? Does it feel solid? Like what do you feel about that? And they give me incredibly honest feedback and I'm always nervous, but they'll come to me and they'll be like so, I wore it today and they're not smiling. I wore it today and this, this and this and I'm waiting for like but it didn't work, you know, and that never comes. They're like oh it's amazing. Social media, it's a great feedback mechanism. I've had some tops that I've designed that have been very divisive, half the people love them, half the people hate them but if they're talking about it, great. If everyone hates it alright, let's go back to the drawing board, but social media is wonderful because you can get feedback right away. Facebook so far has been the most important vehicle for us and now we're able to reach maybe 1% of the people who want to see what we put out there unless we pay for it,

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