1. ______ deals with issues relating to peoples’ CONDUCT.
  2. ________ deals with issues relating to peoples’ CHARACTER.
  3. One indication that we are dealing with an ethical issue is whether we are trying to determine whether particular conduct seems like the _____ thing to do.
  4. Because ethics is concerned with conduct, the right thing to do in a particular _________ may be different if the circumstances change.
  5. Unequal outcomes are generally acceptable as long as they are the result of a fair _______.
  6. When there is a question whether a proposed course of action is ethical, we need to consider possible ____________ to determine whether there is another more preferable way to achieve the desired result.
  7. One factor to consider is the ________ of a proposed course of action, even though under certain circumstances conduct may be ethical even if it is illegal.
  8. In some situations, the law does not require a _________ to take any action to help someone in distress, even though it may be unethical to do nothing.
  9. An Ethics _________ can be useful when trying to determine whether a proposed course of action is ethical.
  10. One of the factors to consider when working through an Ethics Checklist is to determine who are the ____________ who have an interest in the outcome.
  11. Even though outcomes may be different depending on the facts and circumstances, whether the result is ethical or not depends on the ________ of the process by which the decision was reached.
  12. Determining whether a proposed course of action is ethical often requires establishing a balance between conflicting ______.
  13. A simplified “checklist” to determine whether conduct is ethical is to ask three questions, one of which is whether you are willing to take ______________ for the decision to act in a particular way.
  14. Another of the three questions seeks to establish a subjective evaluation by asking yourself whether you would want to be treated the way others will be treated as a result of your conduct. This is known as the ______ ____.
  15. A more objective evaluation is the purpose of the third question, which is to determine how others might view your conduct by asking yourself what your ______ might say about your proposed course of action.
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