1- Consider a fictional project team and it’s members described
2- Identify as many factors as possible that are likely to motivate each fictional character. It is important that the list of motivators is prepared by considering the fictional character’s motivators, and not your own.
3- Identify specific strategies to motivate each fictional character and share findings with the rest of the class.

Project Team
1- Mary
10+ year of working experience
Recently hired
Has a college degree
Married with 2 kids of young age

2- Tom
Planning to retire in 2 years
Working for the same company for 20 years
Has some health issues

3- Zack
Recently graduate from university
Good knowledge of IT systems and applications
Likes to travel, hiking

4- Mike
5+ years of working experience
Recognized by superiors and peers as SME
Considering applying for a management position
Commutes to work

5- Julia
Immigrated from Columbia 2 years ago
Has a university degree from her home country
Taking night classes to improve professional and language skills
Commutes to work

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