Our ethical understanding is not based on the value system embedded in the community we live in.

Select one: True or False?

2. One of the ways industries can maintain a competitive edge in the 4th Industrial Revolution is to avoid working with competitors.

Select one: False or True?

3. Lifestyle diseases are not connected to cultural cuisine practices.

True or False

4. Knowledge that is difficult to represent can be captured in the other forms such as audio recordings. This description is referring to which of the following different types of knowledge.

Select one:

a. Declarative and procedural knowledge

b. General and specific knowledge

c. Context and technology-specific knowledge

d. Tacit and Explicit knowledge

5.Among the various knowledge disciplines, which one presents a sense of fear to a knowledge worker with its effective implementation in the workplace?

Select one:

a. Decision Support Systems.

b. Cognitive Science

c. Artificial Intelligence

d. Web Technologies

6. The following are characteristics of knowledge infrastructure except _____

a. Limited use of knowledge to help solve incipient problems and to achieve national Sustainable Development Goals.

b. Limited access to scientific information and knowledge.

c. Limited capacity to study, process and disseminate information and knowledge, excluding the preparation of studies and reports.

d. An inadequate reservoir of expertise in science and technology and in knowledge base development and management.


7. In an organisation context, knowledge management infrastructure includes which of the following combinations?

Select one:

a. Culture, Structure and Size

b. Structure, Size and Physical Environment

c. Structure, ICT and Knowledge

d. Size, ICT, and People

8. UNESCO in 2005 (Mansell & Tremblay, 2013) suggested that giving knowledge to society can foster the development of a participatory set of activities, freedom of expression, education and the rights of citizens in the decision-making process in public policies.

Select one: True or False

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