The case narrated that the focus of the hotels is on “High-Quality Service”. Considering the context, how as an HRM student you will apply a five-step training process to train the middle-level managers of the hotels?

In hotels, training is recognized as the source of the competitive advantage. What steps you will recommend to the hotels to consider, for effectively linking the training function to gain the competitive advantage benefits for the organization?
Managers and others at hotels are trained on factors as ensuring eye contact, evaluating customer and employee body language signals, and flexibility in resolving problems. In your opinion, why the hotels require to provide such type of training to their employees?
For training the Top-Level Managers of the Hotels, which techniques for Managerial on the Job and Managerial Off the Job Training you will recommend to the HRM department of the hotel? Justify your recommendation.
Kindly provide fresh and detailed answers.

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