Use the writing process to writea ONE paragraph executive summary based on the following:

You work forWeel Inc., a medium-sized manufacturing firm that employs approximately 150 employees. Employees work in various departments including accounting, human resources, engineering, design, marketing, assembly, and shipping. The employees within your company come from very diverse cultural backgrounds.

Employees use e-mail on a daily basis to communicate with people inside and outside of the business. Recently, managers have received complaints that indicate a lack of professionalism in youremployees’ use of e-mail. The president of the company is concerned that this lack of professionalism is impacting the company’s image and profits. He has asked your manager, Gina Santiago, to prepare a half-day seminar on professional e-mail etiquette.

Gina would like to do some research on professional e-mail etiquette to determine what shouldbe covered in the half-day seminar. However, she does not have time to read all of the research. So, the research hasbeen divided among all of the generalists in your department, and each has been asked to provide an executive summary of the document that s/he has been assigned to read.

As one of the generalists, you have been asked to providea ONE-paragraph executive summary of the document entitledEmail Etiquette, Rules for Business Correspondence.A copy of this article canbe found on the following pages.

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