A good physical retail location:

  • >Becomes more important as a customer base is established
  • >Can make everything easier for a new retail business
  • >Increases the need for advertising
  • Incentives are available to firms willing to locate in:
  • >High rents areas
  • >Economically advanced areas
  • >Low income areas
  • Which of the following is a promotional mix variable?
  • >Packaging
  • >All of the above
  • >Sales reps
  • >Paid advertising
  • A drawback to paid media advertising is:
  • >Consumers do not tend to pay much attention to TV ads
  • >Repetition is essential but expensive.
  • >Getting help with ad development is too costly for most small businesses
  • A balance sheet:
  • >Shows what your business owes and owns
  • >Does not tend to change much over time
  • >Is the best financial tool for predicting cash flow
  • >All of the above
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