Select a publicly trading company of your choice.

This report should contain information/narrative about the firm’s performance using measures that are appropriate to the industry and the firm and that provide a fairly objective and standardized view of performance. Firm performance should be compared against an industry average as well as against an average comprised of the firm’s primary competitors. You must present at least five (5) measures of performance (at least one financial ratio from each of the following types of financial ratios: short-term solvency or liquidity ratios; long-term solvency or financial leverage ratios; asset utilization or turnover ratios; profitability ratios; and market value ratios). Annual performance data should include at least the most recent five years available. Please describe the implications of the ratios and whether your firm is improving or declining in its performance compared to the industry and its competitors.

Comprehensive analyses will use a number of measures displayed in tabular and graphical formats that concisely demonstrate the firm’s recent performance.

Regardless of the types of measures used, the data should present a coherent picture of how you observe the firm’s performance in comparison to the industry and to its primary competitors. The analysis and conclusions presented here will be fundamental to your recommendations for the future.

Support every graph with a table of data. This helps your reader focus on the trends more easily. However, be careful about using so much quantitative and graphical data that they cloud your purpose in presenting performance data.

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