Who said that we should “Act so that you treat humanity, whether in your own person or in that of another, always as an end and never as a means only.” Group of answer choices

– Kant

– Hobbes

– None of these

– Rousseau

Which of the following ethical theories is often used to justify the claim that society ought to aim at the reduction of income disparities because it will result in the maximization of happiness?

Group of answer choices

– Utilitarianism

– Kantianism

– Libertarianism

– Negative Rights Theory

Who argues that amoral business is a myth? Group of answer choices

– Lynn Stout

– John Rawls

– Bernie Sanders

– Robert Solomon

True or False: Milton Friedman holds a stakeholder view of corporate responsibility. Group of answer choices

– True

– False

Which of the following claims is NOT made by Paul Camenisch in his essay “On Getting to the Heart of the Matter”?

– Providing goods and services is an essential aspect of business

– Profit-making is an essential aspect of business

– Society allows business to operate because businesses create wealth and profit

– Business presents a view of humanity and the nature of human flourishing

Which of the following reasons is NOT used by Kant to defend his views on lying? Group of answer choices

– Lying is sometimes acceptable if it leads to good consequences.

– We can never be certain about what consequences will result from lying so the best policy is to avoid the known evil-lying.

– All of the above.

– Lying cannot be universalized (it would be self-defeating).

Which of the following claims best describes Kant’s views on lying? Group of answer choices

– Lying is never morally wrong, since it is a social creation.

– None of these.

– Lying is always wrong, no matter what.

– The morality of lying depends on one’s cultural views.

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