Having these types of difficult discussions are never something people enjoy doing especially if you’re the one having to lead the discussion but they must be done in order for the organization to strengthen their weak areas. The first line item would be to schedule a time for maximum participation from physicians whether that be in person or virtual. This is important because seeing their reactions will help guide the conversation but also it creates a more personal aspect to the conversation. From there I would start off by setting some basic etiquette rules and then the reason for the meeting and asking the group what they think the patient satisfaction is based on their interactions. This will give them a chance to reflect and self evaluate before the patient satisfaction score is disclosed. Next I would ask them what are some strength and weaknesses that they believe may influence the scores. After I would then disclose the survey results and ask the group how that makes them feel as a healthcare provider, as a shareholder and as a community. From there I would ask the group for suggestions on how to improve the patient satisfaction scores and set a reasonable and realistic goal or areas of improvement that the group can reach for next time. Some challenges that this discussion may bring up are blaming others, people thinking very highly of themselves and believing that they can do no wrong and that people just overreact to situations. Although some survey participants may have overreacted there are times a person’s ego and statue are their worst qualities and they need other colleagues to help bring them back to earth. Lastly getting the group to participate in the discussion might prove difficult if they feel ‘attacked’ therefore keeping the group on track will keep the peace.
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