Lucy Group has 100 employees at the beginning of 2020. In the first week of January, the operation manager, Bill Gibson, received a letter from the CEO, Anne Jane, that showed Anne had approved his request for new hires. Bill identified a gap in his staff from the tasks remaining in October 2019 and asked Anne to fill the gap with 60 new recruits. Based on the letter, Bill could hire 60 new employees during the first quarter of 2020 with a cap of 20 employees per month. On the 25th of January, Anne had a meeting with Liam Geneste, the sales manager. In the meeting, Liam told Anne that ten sales officers would leave the company by the end of January. The plan was to redundant ten staff by the end of February, and ten other staff already gave their notice for March. Anne believed this was a disaster, and they must find why the sales officers were leaving. However, Anne mentioned that the problem could go beyond the sales department as she was informed that ten employees had left the company since the new year break.
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