Develop a training plan for a specific group of people in a specific organization. • Examples: you can develop a plan for a group of employees (e.g., managers) at the place you currently work, used to work, or another organization you are familiar with (such as a volunteer group, condo board, your child’s daycare center, the supermarket where you buy groceries, etc.).

This plan can be for a learning event (e.g., classroom, self-paced web-based learning) or for an ongoing intervention such as on-the-job learning or an apprenticeship. Your plan is really the approach you will take to improve the target audience (i.e., those who will be trained) in changing their behavior, knowledge, skills, and/or abilities.

Below are six (6) areas you need to address. Points associated with each area appear in parentheses. Rather than write one integrated essay, respond to each area separately (numbering your responses to each of these areas). You need to be specific enough to convey you know the material and can apply it to the specific organization you picked – yet you do not need to create, for example, a detailed lesson plan spelling out minute by minute activities in the training.

1. (a) Write a few sentences about the organization, including what best describes their business emphasis (see Table 2.7 in our text) – for nonprofit only, you could substitute their mission. For example: it is a company in NYC that makes cardboard, employs 500 people; its emphasis is on increasing market share, etc. Note: You can use the real name of the organization or, if you prefer, disguise the name.

(b) Provide a description of the targeted training audience, such as where they fit within the organization, how many are in this training group, etc. Include what seems to be the issue that they need training, and any evidence that their performance needs improving. (5 pts. for a and b combined)

2. (a) How would you go about doing a needs assessment (e.g. what would be your approach, who would be involved)? (If one was already done, please describe the approach used.)

(b) Assume you have completed your needs assessment and may make any assumptions you want about the results. What was the outcome? Please include what trainees specifically need to learn, their possible receptivity to the training, potential impact to the organization if the training is successful. (6 pts. for a and b combined)

3. What would be your specific learning objective for the training? (3 pts.)

4. What training methods would you use? Please select at least 3 different training methods discussed in chapters 7 and 8 of our text (You must choose at least one specific method from each chapter). Explain why you chose each method for this particular audience (including citing class or other material). (6 pts.)

5. Describe how you will ensure the transfer of training to the job. Please be specific to include techniques and individuals involved (e.g. trainers, supervisors of trainees). Back up your rationale by citing class or other material. (7 pts.)

6. Evaluation: Answer both (a) and (b): (a) Looking at Table 6.1 in our text, explain how you would evaluate this training for a “Behavior and skill-based” outcome.

(b) Explain how you would do a “Return on Expectations Note: For both (a) and (b): no need to construct any instruments, just identify the specific steps you would take. (5 pts. for a and b combined)

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