You are the international sales manager for Aladdin Rugs, Inc., a multinational company headquartered in the United States. At the end of every month, you receive reports from the national sales managers on your company’s operations in England, Germany, and Japan. The products are sold by area. The managers report the units sold and income from sales in their national currencies: pounds sterling (£), euros (€), yens (Â¥), and U.S. dollars (US$). Use your spreadsheet program to consolidate the sales reports you received, as follows.

a. Under “Totals,” enter formulas to convert square yards to square meters and enter another formula to total the area in square meters for all four countries.
b. In a financial newspaper such as the Wall Street Journal or on the web, find the rates of exchange for the three currencies against the US$ on the last business day of last month. Enter a formula that will convert all non-U.S. currencies to US$. (Extra challenge: program a macro to do the calculations.)

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