On March 1, Lucas, with his sister Sophia also listening in the room, did a virtual Zoom call to Craig and offered to pay him $87,000 for a house and lot that Craig owned. Craig accepted the offer immediately. Lucas and Sophia cried together because they were so excited to get the property! Craig Zoom calls back two hours later and cancels the deal. Lucas sues, claiming Craig has breached their contract by cancelling the deal. Craig will likely win this lawsuit.

Q: True or False

Rebecca entered into a written contract to sell her car to Mary, a seventeen-year-old, for $6000, payable at $500 per month for twelve months. Mary paid eight monthly installments before turning eighteen years old. She then made two more monthly payments. Mary then learned from a friend that was taking a business law class that minors can disaffirm contracts. Mary was tired of the car and wanted to get a different one. So, she told Rebecca that she was disaffirming the contract—she would hand the car back to Rebecca and Rebecca would refund her all of the monthly payments. Rebecca refuses, so Mary sues to disaffirm the contract. Mary has an excellent chance of winning the case.

Q: True or False

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