Scenario: A new training approach for a new world The rapid spread of COVID-19 has led to unprecedented business disruption around the world. It has also led to the erosion of the number one relied-upon method of training by employers: in-person presentations by staff. While many other methods are used, our research found that nearly three-quarters of employers rely on this approach to training Luckily, many organizations have been transitioning to digital training. Whether a company is centralizing training for a number of field offices from a central headquarters or staff are almost entirely remote, it’s possible to manage companywide training programs from a distance. That ability is increasingly being leveraged by companies around the world grappling with the COVID-19 pandemic and the need to have unprecedented numbers of staff working from home. However, with great change comes a lot of new learning for those that are providing the training. You have to make sure that you can match or improve your in-person training success. That means getting your digital training approach in sync with the needs of your organization and the abilities and attention span of your workers. Adapted from: HR Daily Advisor (Online) Available at: new methods for a covid-19-world/ [Accessed: 24 February,2021] Your research should 1. Explain and provide examples of how technology is applied or incorporated in talent management practices of modern organisations. (500 words)
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