“Adventures Import” brings beautiful art from around the world to their showroom in Vancouver. It could be brass statues from Cambodia, mosaic tile work from Croatia or hand carved wooden boxes from Argentina. They have local buyers that source the art and then negotiate a price and then ship them to Vancouver. “Adventures Import” have looked to source the art ethically and using fair-trade methods as an important part of their business. One of the best selling items are beautiful wall fabric art from Turkey. “Adventure Import”, just realized that their buyer in Turkey is not using fair-trade methods and is actually buying the goods from artisans at a low price and then saying it is a higher price and pocketing the difference. The buyer in Turkey has a family to feed and is trying to make financial means to provide for their family.

a) As the owner of “Adventures Import”, what do you do and explain your reasons (2 marks):

i) the product is earning a lot of profit for your company

ii) the buyer in Turkey who needs this job

b) Take an ethical norm from “Adventures Import” and apply it to this example – 2 marks

c) The wall fabric art from Turkey is bringing in good money to “Adventures Import” so apply two aspects of their responsibility towards their customers.

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