When extroverted managers lead extroverted group members, what is likely to happen?

The extroverted manager will stifle the extroverted group members
The extroverted manager will replace the group members with introverted individuals
The extroverted manager can lead extroverted and introverted group members equally well
The extroverted manager will provide additional support to extroverted group members
If you wish to be accepted by a particular group, you may adopt that group’s norms even before you’ve become a part of it. This behavior is referred to as
deviant behavior
a reference group
The definition of a command group is
An informal group that got together to share common interests
A formal group determined by an organization’s hierarchical chart where employees report to a particular manager
An informal group that has come together to achieve an objective
A formal group that formed to complete a specific task.
If a group has become a part of the institution’s culture, where do they “stop” on the five-stage model for group development?
They stop at the performing stage
They stop at the norming stage.
They never stop cycling through the stages
They stop in the adjouming stage

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