This is about the Code of Mechanical Engineering Ethics


Rule 21: To Thane own self be true and thou cannot be false to any man – expresses the duty which a mechanical engineer owes to himself and to others.
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Rule 22:
The mechanical engineer shall use only fair means to gain professional advancement. In the pursuit thereof he shall not injure the work or employment opportunities of others or use any improper or questionable method of soliciting employment or clientele.
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Rule 23: He shall refrain from association with, or allowing the use of his name by, any person or entity of questionable reputation

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Rule 24: He shall provide the opportunity and the means to improve and advance the knowledge, skills, and experience of his colleagues and associates.

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Rule 25: He shall define clearly the line of authority and scope of responsibility of his associates and assistants. Orders, or the recall thereof, shall be issued through proper channels.

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