Kevin felt extraordinarily good—full of confidence and vigor. He even convinced himself that this would be his lucky day. By the time he started dressing, he had already decided to “skip” work. He was going to the casino because he could do no wrong today. Too impatient to eat or finish dressing, he bolted from the house and jogged the 4 miles to the casino.

By noon, Kevin had lost his pocket money and had consumed four scotch and sodas. He became angry with the cashier when she refused to cash a check without identification. “She should certainly know who I am. Why should I need identification? Everyone in town knows who I am! How dare they demand to see my ID!” Kevin shouted as he paced agitatedly.

After being forcibly removed from the casino, Kevin began a tour of every business in town. He demanded to see the owners and then offered them a contract to share a portion of his winnings if they financed his gambling now. By the time he visited the fourth establishment, the police were waiting.

Kevin made his offer to both police officers and was promptly admitted to the local hospital for mental health care. After 3 days of hospitalization, Kevin traded his extraordinarily good feelings for depressive ones.

• What clues (signs or symptoms) in Kevin’s behavior indicate that he was in the manic phase of bipolar illness?

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