Gini Index The Gini Index is a measure of how evenly income is distributed within a country, ranging from 0 to 100. An index of 0 suggests income is distributed with perfect equality. The higher the number, the worse the income inequality. The data below represent the Gini Index for a random sample of countries. Note: The United States has a Gini Index of 45 and Sweden has the lowest Gini Index.

With a first class having a lower class limit of 20 and a class width of 5:

(a) Construct a frequency distribution.

(b) Construct a relative frequency distribution.

(c) Construct a frequency histogram of the data.

(d) Construct a relative frequency histogram of the data.

(e) Describe the shape of the distribution.

(f) Repeat parts (a)–(e) using a class width of 10.

(g) Does one frequency distribution provide a better summary of the data than the other? Explain.

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