Qualitative research is the process in which the researcher observes and records behavior and events in their natural setting. Which is not a method to collect data using qualitative research?

Select One

a. Direct Observation

b. Survey Questionnaire

c. Focus Group


The study of …………………. includes focusing on relationships between what people think, feel and do and the role of marketing strategies in moulding these processes.

Select One

a. Psychological Consumer Behaviour

b. Corporate Culture

c. Macoreconomics

d. Organization Behaviour

Consumer activities are acts of human body performed in order to consume certain product or service accept?

Select One

a. Physical

b. Mental

c. Landscape

d. Spiritual

Consumer can be grouped into five groups, which one of the following is NOT included

Select One

a.Consumer as a client

b. Consumer as a buyer

c. Consumer as a trader

d. Consumer as a shopper

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