Analisia Maystald and Choreo Thooma works at the Queen Bee Co. Ltd. Analisia has had several acting stints in the Human Resource Supervisor position alternating with her team mate and friend Choreo Thooma. The substantive holder of the post has now reached the age of retirement and is about to be sent on Pre-retirement leave. Another staff member, Marie Brown, who works in Accounts also considers herself a suitable candidate also for the position. Ms. Brown took photographs of Analisia and Chereo “napping” on their lunch break and posted them on her social media page and entitled it as “sleepers on the job.” Both Analisia and Chereo went online and demanded in their comments that she take it down. Marie was angry and responded to them that she would not take it down as it was on her “personal page” and not the company’s website.


Assuming that you are the HR Director:

a. Discuss the use of social media postings as evidence in the disciplinary process and its relevance or not in the disciplinary process in the Jamaican labour laws.

b. If your company were to implement a Social Media Policy, what communication plan would you implement to educate staff about the policy?

Please answer the question with enough information for me to fully understand the scope of the topic.

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