Locate a proposal or report posted on the internet by an organization (such as an annual report or product report) and attach/link that report.

  • Use the checklist fromIntroduction to Professional Communications, Part 5.5 to determine whether the report or proposal fulfills its goals.


  • Report considers the audience’s needs

  • Form follows function of report

  • Format reflects institutional norms and expectations

  • Information is accurate, complete, and documented

  • Information is easy to read

  • Terms are clearly defined

  • Figures, tables, and art support written content

  • Figures, tables, and art are clear and correctly labeled

  • Figures, tables, and art are easily understood without text support

  • Words are easy to read (font, arrangement, organization)

  • Results are clear and concise

  • Recommendations are reasonable and well-supported

  • Report represents your best effort

  • Report speaks for itself without your clarification or explanation

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