Directions: Audience Analysis and Readership Report

To complete this assignment, you must do the following:

  1. Select your instructions topic. Pick something that interests you! Maybe you’re an expert cup stacker and want to write instructions about how to do a particular trick, or perhaps you want to–once and for all–create instructions for an older adult about how to use Instagram. Anything can work, but think about scope: ultimately, your instructions should be <1,000 words.
  2. Select your audience. Your audience should be very specific–not simply World of Warcraft (WOW) players but inexperienced senior citizens who hope to play WOW. Thus, your audience should have at least three parts, such as experience level + age + goal.
  3. Conduct research about your audience and identify 5 sources. You might read about your audience in popular or scholarly articles; find information about them on social media; and/or interview one or more potential audience members. You could also look at the UCF Library databases linked above to learn about regional demographics, businesses, and more.
  4. Answer the following Audience Analysis and Readership Report questions in complete sentences. Include a link or APA citation for any sources that you use (at least 5)!
    1. What is the topic and goal of your instructions?
    2. Who is the audience of your instructions?
    3. What do you want your audience to be able to do after reading the instructions or procedures?
    4. What situation led to you creating these instructions for this specific audience? If there are existing instructions, why do the original instructions need revision?
    5. What might your audience already know about the topic of the instructions?
    6. What is the audience’s educational background and how might that affect their ability to follow your instructions?
    7. What is the audience’s professional background how might that affect their ability to follow your instructions?
    8. What is the audience’s personal preferences and characteristics and how might that affect their ability to follow your instructions?
    9. What is your audience’s attitude toward the subject of your instructions?
    10. What expectations might your audience have for your instructions? What might they need in terms of level of detail, vocabulary, graphics, and overall design?
    11. In what physical environment and on what digital platforms might your audience read your instructions?
    12. How might you divide your instructions? How many levels of headings might you use?
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