A Cure for the Common Wart A study conducted by researchers was designed “to determine if application of duct tape is as effective as cryotherapy in the treatment of common warts.” The researchers randomly divided 70 patients into two groups. The 35 patients in group 1 had their warts treated by applying duct tape. The 35 patients in group 2 had their warts treated by cryotherapy. Once the treatments were complete, it was determined that 71% of the patients in group 1 and 86% of the patients in group 2 had complete resolution of their warts. The researchers concluded that cryotherapy is significantly more effective in treating warts than duct tape.

(a) What is the research objective?

(b) What is the population being studied? What is the sample?

(c) What are the descriptive statistics?

(d) What is the conclusion of the study?

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