Smoker’s IQ A study was conducted in which 20,211 18-year-old Israeli male military recruits were given an exam to measure IQ. In addition, the recruits were asked to disclose their smoking status. An individual was considered a smoker if he smoked at least one cigarette per day. The goal of the study was to determine whether adolescents aged 18 to 21 who smoke have a lower IQ than nonsmokers. It was found that the average IQ of the smokers was 94, while the average IQ of the nonsmokers was 101. The researchers concluded that lower IQ individuals are more likely to choose to smoke, not that smoking makes people less intelligent.

(a) What is the research objective?

(b) What is the population being studied? What is the sample?

(c) What are the descriptive statistics?

(d) What are the conclusions of the study?

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