Write the type of the clause in bold type in the following sentences as: D (for Dependent, M (for Main/Independent), R (for Embedded as Relative), N (for Embedded as Nominal), I (for Interrupting), projecting independent, or projected independent.

  1. If a merger between Coopers and Deloitte is successful, it will become the largest firm in the country.
  2. The fact is that the community needs them.

3. While he was gone, a nurse poked her head through the doorway.

4. Billy didn’t even know whether he was alive.

5. Did she knowwhat happened?

6. Richard wood, Professor of Surgery, has told Dr. Grant that such surgery cannot be halted.

7. Our goal is to make their voice heard.

8. To make matters worse, the economy is a merciless juggernaut.

9. After I asked her for a raise (1), my boss told me that I would be promoted in due time (2).

10. That they are already struggling troubles Graham Taylor.

11. They fear that, as winter approaches, medical emergencies will spill over into surgical beds (1), halting urgent operations (2).

12. These protests will be all the stronger, because the cabinet has already changed its mind on a number of issues.

13. The importance which William Shakespeare attributed to this form and stage of love is well known.

14. Scudamore added that he felt a lot less pressure than he had last season.

15. They understand what it’s all about when they read the report.

16. So that was the main thing that Jennifer and I talked about when we sell our bath gels.

17. Well see the thing that I mentioned at that meeting (1) was that I think that you know from all the money (2) that collection raises (3)that we should figure out a formula (4).

18. Students who are interested in getting a university loan must apply on Sunday.

19. The first book he published was his best.

20. The soldiers, who stormed forward, were all killed.

20. To finish on top, they had to win every game.

21. Peter and Joan, who are 65, must retire before the end of the year.

22. She said(1)‘I am leaving.’ (2)

23. Alfred thought(that) we would succeed.

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