Shona has run a hair salon for the past 30 years. A year ago, she took on Sully as an apprentice and paid him an apprentice salary. Sully had just graduated from TAFE and was a personable young man, who was polite to customers and was committed to doing his job well. While Shona allowed Sully to work on her customers, such as hair washes, trims and basic cuts, Shona always checked everything carefully. It was no secret that because of the tutor’s recommendation at TAFE, a few of the best hairdressers in the area were trying to entice Sully to work for them for much better pay than he was getting from Shona. Shona, aware of this, told Sully that if he stuck with her business for another year, she would let him take it over and share the business profits with him. Sully decided to keep working with Shona, despite knowing that other hairdressing opportunities were available to him.

A year later, Shona retired. In the meantime, though, one of Shona’s customer’s sons, David, who had been working as a hairdresser at another salon, expressed interest in taking over Shona’s salon. Shona decided to hand over the reins to David, largely because he was older, more experienced, and was also very popular in town. Sully was shocked. He thought the business would be his. He confronted Shona about her promise, but Shona simply brushed him off and said Sully did not provide any consideration for the promise.
Advise Sully whether he can enforce the promise made by Shona.
Please use case law to support your answer.

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