As a small business entrepreneur, you have formed a
business and it will be conducted entirely through online. The
process will be: Supplier – Buyer- Customer. Prepare a business
proposal on this following criteria:

  1. Pick a product.

  2. Select target group/location for your

  • Give justification for choosing this

  1. What will be your revenue model? (Sales based/
    subscription based/ fee based etc. )

  1. Source and the process of setting the business website (
    Real time information, provide the link and source for

    1. Source from where you will obtain your business

    2. Process of having a domain for your business

    3. Fee structure

  1. Selecting Suppliers

    1. Source

    2. Communication

    3. How you are going to set up relation with

    4. Payment structure

  1. Distribution/Shipment

  • Describe the process in steps of flow

  • (You may select the delivery directly from supplier to
    consumer door or to you and you will ship the product to customer’s
    door. Whichever option you choose, please give the justification,

  1. Payment structure/Income flow

  • Describe the process and how you will implement

  • Buyer to supplier

  • Collection from customer

  1. Customer service

  • Return policy and customer care

  • Describe the process

  • Other

You may research and follow an existing online business
model. But please make sure that you mention all the references in
your submission. You need to handover the task with a cover page,
with proper introduction, context and conclusion. Please submit
your task in a word/pdf format, with no more than 8 pages including
all. This is a group assignment.

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