Read the following extract and then answer the question below
Organisational politics
All organisations deal with organisational politics in varying degrees across the globe. It is a reality
of the workplace. Great leaders are politically aware of what is happening in their organisations
and try to use politics positively. They know which individuals are pursuing their self-interest and
personal agendas instead of the defined organisational goals. Organisational politics is also known
as workplace politics
Leaders must use their power and social networking within the organisation to achieve changes
that benefit the organisation and individuals within it. They make sure that influences by
individuals who serve personal interests are kept at bay. People can use politics for a number of
reasons; to gain personal access to resources and tangible assets, and to gain status or authority.
Yet when well managed organisational politics can bring about real change, increase efficiency,
form interpersonal relationships. Leaders must create right political landscapes. Gossip and
manipulation have to be positive otherwise control mechanisms must be put in place. They develop
a political culture easy for employees to understand everything through clear policies and
procedures, and chain of command that makes it easier for employees to find answers they need
more readily. Positive political behavoiur is constructive and functional
On the other hand organisations that have climates of negativity and conflict face real problems as
employees engage in dishonest, unethical, discriminatory behaviors which all affect productivity
and efficiency in the organisation. Negative political behavoiur is destructive and dysfunctional

You now the two sides of workplace politics very well after the case study. Explain three points
on the positive side of organisational politics and three points on the negative side of
organisational politics, and any two reasons why people can engage in organisational politics

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