Which of the following Inclusion Framework quadrants represents a low level of belongingness and a high value in uniqueness?

a-Assimilation quadrant

b-Exclusion quadrant

c-Differentiation quadrant

d-Inclusion quadrant

2) What is new over the last two decades regarding diversity in the workplace?

a-an emphasis on inclusion

b-an emphasis on change

c-an emphasis on multiculturalism

d-an emphasis on assimilation

3) Elaina hasn’t been exposed to many different cultures, and at work, she tends to see things from her perspective only. In fact, others have commented that Elaina clearly views her culture as superior to others. Which barrier to embracing diversity and inclusion in the workplace does this best reflect?

a-lack of technical skills


c-explicit bias


4) As a leader, which action is most likely to promote inclusion?

a-encouraging self-sufficiency in the workplace

b-promoting independent work

c-giving group members an equal chance to voice their opinions

d-promoting a culture of efficiency

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