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Airbnb, hotels and motel chains competed within the large tourist accommodation market. By 2016 Airbnb had seen immense growth and success. It had expanded to over 190 countries and had more than two million listed properties, and enjoyed a market valuation estimated at $30 billion. However, Airbnb appeared to be disrupting the hotel and tourism industry and was facing resistance, from city officials, owners and operators of hotels and motels. Local and global businesses criticized Airbnb for their unfair business practices and lobbied lawmakers to force the company to comply with lodging regulations which posed continuing challenges to Airbnb to obtain permits and overcome regulatory barriers

  1. What are the general strengths and weaknesses of large hotel chains, motels and Airbnb? Explain how you would compare and contrast those businesses. (300 words)
  2. Suggest recommendations you would make to Airbnb to improve its competitiveness in the accommodation market while mitigating any current and future risks. (200 words) Note: please write me a new answer, not a copied one
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