Allied Sanitation Company (ASC)

You are the Chief Executive Officer of ASC and your executive management team has recommended that ASC open a facility overseas to produce, market, and distribute the new, innovative UV sanitation device. You are cautiously optimistic of the likelihood of success internationally, but there are some issues you want to address further to ensure eventual profitability of the operation. Based on what you have learned to date, what specific topics would you find important in order to decide to accept the recommendation from your executive management team to open a facility overseas to produce, market, and distribute your sanitation product.

To successfully complete this assignment, you will have to draw on the information you researched in each of the weekly assignments. Specifically:

In Week 1 you were asked to explain globalization and its impact on markets, production, jobs, wages, and culture.

In Week 2 you were asked to determine the analysis techniques in order to select a business strategy to enter the global marketplace.

In Week 3 you were asked to compare and contrast the benefits of utilizing an e-commerce marketing strategy.

In Week 4 you were asked to explain the benefits utilizing an export strategy.

In Week 5 you were asked to describe potential international promotional strategies.

In Week 6 you were asked to determine international facility location planning.

In Week 7 you were asked to explain human resource management in an international setting.

Part 2:

Submit a Word document that presents all your answers, analysis, and recommendations for the topic of this assignment.

This assignment should be 3 pages ling (single spaced)

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