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In recent years, as the sharing business has grown rapidly, luxury fashion rental has become a prominent business venture. Many designer brands are looking for ways to partner with rental platforms instead of competing with them. Businesses create stylish models to study the impact of consumer product sharing on luxury fashion brands. We think of a place where a designer brand can deliver a luxury fashion product to a rental platform. We consider a place where you can buy a product from a company and then lease it to a consumer, or where the designer brand allows its platform to reach its customers directly. In our analysis, the presence of a rental platform has two concurrent effects: highlighting the effects of market expansion and the effects of cannibalism. In the basic model, the effect of market expansion has been shown to influence the effects of cannibalism. Therefore, A designer brand company can benefit from the appearance of a rental platform. In addition, our analysis indicates that the best choice between the company’s wholesale and agency contract and the platform is crucial on two constraints: the revenue-sharing ratio and the retention value. When income-sharing ratios are relatively large and rescue costs are relatively small, we illustrate that both the company and the platform are more profitable under an agency contract. In addition, we are in the presence of different consumer segments; Consumer transparency; Competition between rental platforms; And demonstrates our core insights to consider lease settings.

How the concept of luxury is still changing, depending on the obvious comparative classification categorized on several factors. It is characterized by the production of a limited number of unattainable luxury items and distribution through a select network. The “new luxury” is a unique, low-key feature of our daily lives. Especially closer to Millennials. At the same time, Luxury brands are going through the process of being labeled “re-labeling” or zero, signaling the need for a serious overhaul of the brand to meet the most important ‘millennium’ needs and expectations. Despite the globalization of the fashion industry, the definition of luxury is at least partly age appropriate. Social: It still affects population or psychological differences to an individual level. The concept of luxury has more features than expected. It changes over time depending on the perspective examined. The growth of the global luxury goods market has led to increased interest among researchers and a growing number of research studies on the expansion of the luxury goods market. Especially in recent years, China, we have seen the growth of markets in India and the Middle East. As luxury markets expand around the world, more cultural research is needed to better understand how customer behaviors and needs are influenced by their culture in each country. However, with the growth of emerging markets, the luxury sector was protected from the global economic crisis in 2008, but by 2021, globalization and productivity will be challenged by the Coronavirus. We do not yet know the exact impact of this pandemic crisis on industrial growth and how long it will last. Prior to this crisis, larger businesses, Companies with healthy and important financial statements; We can expect this crisis to widen further between companies with digital capabilities and companies that rely on online platforms and wholesalers and companies that have learned to communicate with customers through social media are still focusing on the relevance of fashion shows. Companies with more dynamic supply chains and supply chains that may face long-term shortages.

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