Need assistance reponding to the classmate discussion response. I have to respond in my opinion about the post below.

In my opinion, marketers not only satisfy customers’ needs and wants, but formulate needs and wants that weren’t there to begin with as well. I am guilty of being one of the many customers who seems to be swindled by television advertisements, or a pop-up on my web browser. Popeyes ads for chicken sandwiches are simply enticing enough to pull me away from the gym to try one. H&M’s shopping ads are so alluring that you would want to break your younger siblings’ piggy banks just to add items to your shopping cart.

Costco and Sam’s Club are both known for providing a great variety of groceries to fit the needs and wants of different customers while persuading them to purchase more than they need. The practice of giving consumers free samples is used to encourage them to spend more money. Not only is this a sample of a need/want, but it also includes an activator that tempts you to try something that you may not have considered before, because it is free. The power of reciprocity is used by wholesale firms, like Sam’s and Costco, not only to cater to customers, but also to engage them in more purchases (Paluca, 2019). The customer feels as if they have committed to returning the favor; therefore, the customer purchases the item out of guilt instead of out of their own notions (Paluca, 2019).

We have not only been fed free samples by Sam’s Club and Costco but have also been tailored to our needs and wants in terms of groceries, all with a hidden agenda. It’s no different from Popeyes and H&M deceiving me into buying their chicken sandwich or making me buy clothes for next season; these companies excel not only because of what they provide, but also because of how they provide it.

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