In each of these scenarios be sure to explain the reason for your conclusion. That is, what in the applicable UCC area justifies your answer.
For each of these situations explain whether Common Law Contract or UCC applies and why:
1.) Harry is in need of serious cash, immediately. To raise this cash he sells his prized record collection to the local record store for $1500.

2.) Harry is still a little short so he sells his two-year old Pelton Bike/Clothes hanger to his friend Beth for $800.00.

3.) Voice Imitators, LLC is a sound production company that specializes in selling a unique microphone and sound system that lets anyone sound like almost any Pop Star using special voice imitation software. Wedding Singers of Westfield, Inc. is interested in buying a system for $11,000.00 system but needs a little convincing. So, Voice Imitators contracts with Wedding Singers to provide a Michael Bluble Singer for next weeks wedding and will only charge the wedding couple $100 to cover costs. The couple is thrilled because, otherwise, Wedding Singers was going to charge them $2000 for a popular, local singer. Afterward, Wedding Singers buys the unit.

4.) Wendy brought her 1964 Corvette to Vintage Auto for the car’s emissions test. The car failed the test because its air filter was clogged. For $25 Vintage replaced the filter. Unfortunately, Vintage used a defective filter and the car ended up with $600 of needed repairs. Wendy believes it will be easier to go after Vintage under breach of warranty for the defective filter instead of trying a straight product liability suit. Can she use UCC? Why or why not?

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