BLO.A.Read the following extract and then answer the question below
There can be no leadership without influence because influencing other is how leaders lead (Bacon,
2011). Leaders must have the power in order to influence others to achieve desired goals. To lead
or influence others effectively leaders must have a sufficient power base. The more the power a
leader has the greater the influence on those that they lead (ibid). Power and influence are needed
to get something done through others.
French and Raven attempted to determine the sources of power leaders use to influence others in
one of their research study. The findings of the research led them to identify five sources of power
which can be grouped into two categories: organisational power and personal power. However it
should be noted that the various sources of power are completely separate from each other.
Sometimes leaders use these sources of power in varying combinations depending on the situation.
Leaders must effectively use the power they have.
In another research on power, leaders have revealed three other important sources of power which
are most critical in the next five years: the power of relationships, the power of information and
the power to reward others with three most frequently leveraged sources of power; power of
expertise, power of information and power of relationships (Bal, 2008)

Identify the five power bases and their categories as revealed by the initial French and Raven

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