Karishma Chang is an internal client of the sales department, receiving daily records that she must organize and store in filing cabinets. She must also calculate daily transaction figures. She is upset because Michael Stone, one of the, most productive sales clerks, is consistently late with his documents. As a result, Karishma often has to work overtime to meet her deadlines. She is completely fed up and plans to tell him off for his inconsideration. To make matter worse, Mrs. Hunt, the new supervisor, is not accommodating as Karishma’s previous boss. Mrs. Hunt already made many changes, including the introduction of new records management software, and has stated that she is planning many more innovations in the months ahead. Karishma is frustrated and feel overworked and unappreciated.

An internal client is an employee or department that receives goods or services produced elsewhere in the organization as inputs their works.

(i)Explain what can be done to maintain good relationship with their internal clients by:

a. Micheal

b. Karishma

(ii) state two consequences for the business if internal client relationships are not improved.

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