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About the company

HiRecht is a HR Tech startup that works with the leading organizations to provide them with a comprehensive end-to-end solution for talent management in the organization. Led by Mr Dev who holds two decades of experience of working/consulting Fortune 500 companies, HiRecht has created a strong hold in the Talent Management ecosystem. With a perfect amalgamation of technology solution and human intelligence, HiRecht has boarded more than 100 clients in a span of 15 months and developed a functional Application Tracking System/Talent Management System (ATS/TMS). HiRecht has established itself as a leader in talent consulting for technology companies and Blockchain companies. HiRecht essentially offers three solutions.

Our products and services:

  1. Consulting companies for their Talent acquisition – HiRecht Advisory
  2. Global Talent Management system for startups and corporates – HiRechtATS
  3. Global Job application portal – HiRechtjobs

HiRecht helps their partners in understanding the new-age trends and accelerate the hiring process by leveraging technology. Many disruptive factors have pushed all the traditional Talent Acquisition practices ashore, making way for new age approaches. We focus on global trends like Diversity Hiring, Specialized Technology Hiring in Blockchain, Defi, AI & Other Product based Tech Startups and increased focus on candidate experience, to redefine the recruiting space.

(The ATS is in beta phase and is being used by the group of companies to collect their feedback.)

Problem statement

We expect you to analyze the current ATS market scenario in India and globally and suggest strategies about how HiRecht can penetrate in the market and outgrow its competitor brands like Recruiter Flow, Recruiter box, Freshteam, GreenHouse & BreezyHR and Job portals i.e-, IIM Jobs, AngelList, CryptoJobList, etc.

  • Considering that HiRecht is focused in the niche Blockchain and Tech jobs sector, suggest what Product Differentiations can Recruin add for job seekers to stay relevant in the competitive market.
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