The Rolling Hills Country Club is an established club in a major North American city. The restaurant’s general manager has to come up with ideas how to revive once popular Hunt Room restaurant. The initial concept of offering fresh, locally sourced food had been working well for years, but no major renovation has taken place since 1990. The executive chef thinks that it’s not the furniture or décor but the concept itself that lost its novelty appeal. The Hunt Room is an upscale dining room. It has rich wood paneling, red leather chairs, and features paintings of hunting scenes on the walls. The Hunt Room’s menu features beef, quail, and several seafood items as well as local vegetables cooked in traditional West Coast cuisine style. The average check is $40 and higher for dinner. The Hunt Room closed for lunch in 2007, due to declining lunch sales. The executive chef has observed that the restaurant patrons are seeking new dining experiences. They want excitement in the menus and would enjoy a room with a casual atmosphere and moderate prices.

A) Can you define the current Hunt Room’s concept?

B)What makes restaurant concepts grow out of favor?

C)If you were the general manager, how would you change the concept of the Hunt Room to match the requirements of the target market the restaurant should appeal to?

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