You are running a project in one of your company’s manufacturing plant. After 25 weeks of the project, your earned value dataset is shown below. Use the information provided to answer the questions below. The project is planned to end in week 30, with planned budget of $135 000. You are currently at the end of week 25. Describe what the results of each calculation mean to you as a project manager. The values are in dollars.

i. What is the estimated Schedule Variance (SV) and its interpretation at the end of week 25? (5 points)

ii. What is the estimated Cost Variance (CV) and its interpretation? (5 points)

iii. What is the estimated SPI and its interpretation? (5 points)

iv. What is the estimated CPI and its interpretation? (5 points)

v. Based on current performance, what is cost ‘Estimate at Completion’ (EAC)?

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