Market segmentation is:

Dividing a market into 3
or 4 target markets

Dividing a market
between several sellers (an oligopoly)

Dividing a market based
on the customers’ geographic location

The process of dividing
a market into distinct subsets of customers that have similar needs and

Question 8 0.5 pts 8.

Market segmentation is increasing in
importance because:

Many product categories
are in the introduction or growth phase of the product life cycle

Demand by customers may
exceed the ability of sellers to supply

Margins as a percentage
are higher than in the past

The ability of sellers
to supply may exceed demand

Question 9 0.5 pts 9.

Target marketing is:

Deciding to enter
consumer markets

Developing the marketing
mix before moving on to market segmentation and positioning

Evaluating the relative
attractiveness of various market segments

Choosing target markets
before moving on to market segmentation

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