You are a senior at a small university with 12,000 students on campus, and serve as Vice-President of a sport management student group. For the last three years, your group has produced a fundraising 5K and 8K run/walk that supports both your organization and the local youth sports organization, Kids Play. Generally, the run attracts 1,500 runners and raises a total of $15,000 between race fees and sponsorships. In order to be considered successful, the race must have at least 1,250 participants and raise $12,000. Your job this year is to lead the marketing efforts for the Kids Play Race. Write the executive summary of the marketing plan that includes the following:

• Write a marketing purpose statement for the event

• Develop two specific marketing goals for the race that are derived from/linked to the marketing statement

• Describe at least two strategies you are going to use to meet each of the goals (four total strategies)

• Describe at least one tactic for two of the strategies (two total strategies)

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