Nutritional status among children is a key factor in childhood survival among rural dwellers in Kenya. World Vision, Kenya country office conducted a survey in January 2012, in 12 Kenyan rural districts to establish the determinants of malnutrition in children. Key factors identified in the study were; food intake, health status, household food security and care for women and children. Others were access to health services as well as resource availability and control. Access to health services includes access to curative and preventive health services as well as access to clean water and hygienic and sanitary environment. Care refers to the process of looking after both the care giver and the child which naturally includes: care for women, breastfeeding and complimentary feeding, home health practices, hygiene practices, psycho-social care, food preparation among others. Resources include human, economic and organizational resources. Embedded in human resources are skills, motivation and knowledge, which are influenced by education.

1. Formulate a research topic which has distinct and measurable independent and dependent variables.

2. Identify the four independent variables and the dependent variable and provide justification for selection of each.

3. Discuss how you would overcome any two named ethical challenges in the course of the study.

4. Examine three reasons why the researcher in the above case would prefer primary data to secondary data.

5. Construct a conceptual frame work to show the relationship between independent variable and the dependent variable in this case

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